Boutique Bag #1 Recap

During our annual Black Friday Event we introduced The Nicole J Boutique Bag. Filled with a few of my favorite NEW styles, they quickly turned out to be a hit. For those wondering what was in the bag, it included

  • 2 Tops.
  • 1Tank.
  • 1 Cardigan.
  • 1 Blanket Scarf.
  • 1 Reusable Tote Bag.
  • 1 NJB Chapstick, and
  • 1 gorgeous pair of earrings.

ALL OF THIS FOR JUST $100! Also included in the bag were images showing you how to wear the Boutique Bag Items (shown below), even a Blanket Scarf Tutorial! These styles were exclusively for the Boutique Bag and will not be available in store and online. It’s a fun surprise!

Top 1

Top 2



Blanket Scarf

Want to get in on the stylish fun? The next bag will be announced SOON. In the meantime, check out these happy customer reviews!

Customer Reviews


Thank you all so much for your kind reviews! I am so thankful you trusted me with this. The NJB Bag was a HUGE success and we are planning details for the next one! Follow Nicole J Boutique VIP to stay up-to-date on the announcement!!



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