Welcome to Mama Monday!

I have been going back and forth with the idea of a Real Talk type of Blog Post once a week. So here it is… coming up with a name wasn’t all that hard. Being a Mama is my favorite part of who I am.

When I first started my business, Ellie and I would always have Mama Mondays. It’s funny, I have always been Mama to Ellie and Jace. Not Mom or Mommy, just Mama. I think it’s pretty obvious that I absolutely love what I do and being a boutique owner. But there is no greater role than being their Mama.

The idea of this Mama Monday: Real Talk Blog is to talk more about my life, my story, my journey, and share the real Nicole J. I want to share behind the Scenes at the store, the struggle of being a working mom, the struggle to find balance every day to be good at both. I love connecting with you all as customers and as friends. I love hearing your stories and hope that maybe mine will inspire someone. To know that everything happens for a reason, through the struggle there is HOPE and that hard work DOES pay off.

Watch my Mama Monday Video for more details… We are going to kick off MM next week with Part 1: The Beginning. On this blog, I will start from the very beginning of my story. Why Fashion? How?

My story will be broken up into 8 parts, over the next 8 weeks… leading up to my BIG DAY! My wedding, my happily ever after. <3

Here is what you have to look forward to:

Part 1: The Beginning, Why Fashion?

Part 2: College, Internships, & Starting My Business

Part 3: Becoming a Mama, Ellie Nicole

Part 4: Opening the Boutique

Part 5: My Prince Charming, Jace Robert

Part 6: Finding Love and Loving Myself

Part 7: Growth: As a Family & the New Boutique

Part 8: My Happily Ever After: Week of the Wedding

…THE WEDDING! and then so much more after!

I will do a quick video every Monday at 5PM on NJB VIP and then the Blog will be posted after around 8PM.

During the videos I will answer any questions you have! The Blogs will share all of the details and even pictures of my past (ah!) Here is a sneak peak of some pictures.


You didn’t believe me did you? LOL – I raced motocross for years growing up. And then fell into fashion…


I spy a Blackberry haha! Sewing a custom dress.

First NJB Photoshoot- I made my cousin model in the backyard haha!


My Motivation: Ellie and Jace.


Our Happily Ever After XO

It’s about to get REALLLLL up in here!!

Comment below and let me know which part you are most excited about!!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Mama Monday!

  1. LOVE LOVE THIS!!! I will always remember my first time in your boutique (old location)- you were always so helpful with finding the perfect pieces! We chatted about babies, boys, & Middletown- so easy to talk to and relate to- you are one of a kind girly! Keep up the amazing work!!!

    1. Deanna this truly made my day! I love chatting with you about LIFE (and Fashion of course 😉 when you come in to the store- THANK YOU SO MUCH XOXOO

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