Part 7: Growth: As A Family & The New Boutique

I truly believe a big part of growth with business or with personal life is staying true to yourself. It’s so hard to stay focused and positive, but the minute you stop caring what other people think, is the same minute you start to live your best life.

Moving In Together Led to…

Around two years into our relationship, Matt and I decided to take the next step and move in together. We rented a townhouse in Bayberry, right in Middletown. We were excited to really start meshing our family together, growing and learning balance as parents.

It was a scary and exciting time. Total chaos, but the best decision ever. We became a family in that house. We got into a routine: morning, nighttime, homework. It will forever be our first home where we grew as a family and as parents together.

…Buying a Home Together

After living together for little over a year, we decided it was time to invest in a home. When we bought our house, the kids had no clue. We totally surprised them. We packed up the townhouse and put everything together in the new house without telling them.

The video of them finding out was the best ever. When they realized it was their new house, they were so excited!

Our home is my favorite place to be (besides the boutique)! It’s loud and crazy, and filled with so much love and laughter.

Housewarming Party/Engagement

Once we were settled into our new home, we hosted a housewarming party on April 15, 2017. Little did I know that Matt had planned to propose during the party. My dad decided to make a toast and said everyone needed to go to the backyard. I walk outside and the kids are standing outside with “Will you marry me?” signs.

I couldn’t stop crying. Matt literally now calls me Chewbacca a.k.a. Chewie because of the sound I was making. Haha!

Seeing how happy the kids were, and Ellie’s smile brought me so much joy. MP surprised me hardcore. I was not expecting that at all.


Here we are a year later and still so happy!


Turning Point: My Why a ‘New Boutique’

In the midst of all these happy changes, I decided to move the boutique to a new location. Crazy, right? Never a dull moment. Matt has always been so supportive of my business, listening to all of my ideas. And I figured no better time than now. I decided to go for it and it was so worth it.

In the beginning, I was being the boss, handling customer service, doing everything myself to keep everyone happy and on the same page. I was loving figuring out my niche customers, but I was bursting at the seams at the old store and I needed help if I was going to continue to grow.

My why turning point came during a fashion show I was supposed to be in. Literally the day before the show, the shipment that I needed didn’t arrive. I hardly had anything in the store. I was so upset.

After a total meltdown, MP convinced me to pull together outfits from my own closet. I did, no one knew the difference. The models looked amazing and we had SO much fun!

Later that day I had a mind shift. I realized it’s not just about the fashion and clothes, it’s about making connections with people, and making people feel good about themselves and having fun. Making women feel confident about themselves.


Finding Peach Tree Station

Now that I had a renewed focus, and had started the Nicole J Boutique VIP group, it was time to find a new space. I went to look at new spaces, and I discovered Peach Tree Station. I immediately got all good vibes. The Peach Tree Station has given me the space (literally) to expand my dream. I have so much room for activities, you guys!

Joking aside, with more square footage, I now have more floor space for inventory, plus a backroom to unpack new arrivals. (And shipping has grown like crazy!) I can do live videos from my office. I can do on-site photo shoots. I now have an NJB team to keep things going when I’m not in the store. Although I still keep my hands in everything. Haha.

More importantly through expansion, I’m making more real connections with customers. It’s the best! There’s room to now host styling and sizing sessions, boutique parties, and more.


Watch the Mama Monday Part 7 Video HERE! 

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See you next week!


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